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One of the best parts about having a dog is taking them on adventures - but they aren't always up on their trail etiquette. Our Training Hikes are fun field trips with a Certified Trainer where your dog learns the skills to make them your ideal hiking buddy.

Each hike includes

  • Certified trainers pick up your dog at your home and do the training for you (within service area), and you get to enjoy the results

  • Video report cards help you track your dog's progress and learn how to maintain results at home

  • Real-world training means your dog is learning in the same context they'll be practicing the behavior - making it easier for you to maintain 

  • Exercise and enrichment makes a happy, content, tired dog!

  • Weekly hikes allow for continued progress towards your goal

  • Membership to our clients-only Facebook group with a library of training videos and resources

Frequently asked questions

Is my dog a good fit for training hikes?

Dogs who are good candidates for training hikes have the following qualities: - Comfortable being handled by a skilled trainer without their guardians present - Able to travel in a vehicle without excessive distress - Physically fit and capable of hiking 2-3 miles in various weather conditions - Depending on behavior history, may be required to wear a basket muzzle, so should be comfortable wearing a muzzle for the duration of the hike (if your dog has a bite history but can't comfortably wear a muzzle, we can help! Click here for private training info)

Can I sign up for single hikes?

Currently, we are taking some limited appointments for single hikes. Ongoing, training hikes will be booked as a monthly subscription (like a gym membership) where we will hike your dog on the same day every week.

What behaviors will my dog learn?

We will tailor our training to meet your goals - whether that's a dog who has off-leash foundational skills, who can calmly pass other dogs, or who just doesn't drag you down the trail. Prior to your dog's first hike, we'll discuss your dog's history and your goals in detail. While on the hike, we'll capture video "report cards" of your dog's training in action, so you can watch their progress and maintain results at home.

Will hikes be canceled for weather?

We're hardy Coloradans, so we hike in all weather conditions! Exceptions will be made for dangerous conditions such as extreme heat, extreme cold, or lightning. Our trainers will always first and foremost look out for your dog's safety and welfare. If a hike has to be canceled due to weather, we will schedule a makeup day in the same week if possible.

How many dogs hike together at a time?

We will only hike one dog per trainer at a time, since training requires our full attention.

Will my dog hike off-leash?

We love teaching off-leash skills, and are happy to include that as part of your dog's training. We practice all of our off-leash training on a lightweight long line, to ensure safety and allow your dog to practice skills at a distance. We will never allow a client's dog to be off-leash in an unsecure area. Dogs may be off leash in a fenced in area, such as an off leash dog park or fenced back yard.

Starting @ $190/hike

subscriptions available

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