virtual services

We have train-from-home options!

Our virtual training services meet your training needs with added safety and convenience 

  • Online class options give you access to all of our group classes without needing to leave the house

  • Video chat private training with the option to switch to in-person sessions at a later date, if desired

  • Phone consults provide quick relief and ethical training solutions for behavior problems that may arise due to boredom 

Virtual Private Training ​​​  ​

Sessions conducted via video chat from the comfort of your own home

Switch to in-person sessions at a later date, if desired


Membership to our clients-only Facebook group with access to training videos and a library of resources


Handouts outlining the training concepts and skills covered


Unlimited phone and email support 


Virtual Training Classes

​​​  ​

Learn and practice from the comfort of your own home

Choose from a variety of offerings including basic training, leash reactivity, and more

Some tiers include live Q&A and personal coaching from a trainer

Starting at $5/month

Phone Consultations

Immediate help for behavior issues, concerns, or questions

Participate from home 

Follow-up email with handouts and other resources

$60/30 mins

Frequently asked questions

What technology do I need to participate in remote training?

We are flexible! You can participate in the training using any widely available video chat platform such as Skype, Facetime, or Google Hangouts.

What supplies do I need at home to train?

For training at home, we recommend having the following things handy: - A 6 foot leash and collar or harness (yes, we will be doing leash work even though you may be inside!) - A generous supply of small, soft, tasty treats that your dog LOVES such as chicken, cheese, hot dogs, turkey, etc. - A clicker if you would like to use one in training (not sure? Click here for more info on clicker training) - A towel, mat, blanket, or yoga mat that your dog does not usually have access to - A few of your dog's favorite toys

Don't you need to meet my dog?

Despite what you may think, we don't need to see your dog in person to help you train them! For each case, we take a detailed history and ask specific questions to help us identify the triggers and contributing factors to the problem behavior. Sometimes it is helpful to observe the behavior, but we can do that just fine over video. In fact, there are many dogs who do better with remote training because it means they don't have to meet a new, strange person or visit a new place.

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