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puppy school

What does your puppy do all day?

Get a break from puppy antics, get a jumpstart on socialization and

training, and take home a tired puppy!​​

  • Crucial socialization window is leveraged to help prevent problem behaviors later in life

  • Desensitization to handling makes vet visits and grooming easier and stress-free

  • Positive exposure to common sounds and sights (thunder, vacuums, different people, etc.) builds a solid foundation for becoming a well-adjusted adult dog

  • Playtime with peers develops your puppy’s social skills 

  • Training with certified trainers gives you a head start on lifelong manners 

  • Games and obstacles build confidence and resilience

  • Impulse control and frustration tolerance help make your puppy a joy to live with

  • Preschool (ages 8-14 weeks) and Middle School (15-24 weeks) ensure age-appropriate playmates and socialization scenarios

Included with all Puppy School programs  ​​​  ​

Flexible drop-off and pickup times between 8:30am-9:30am and 3:00pm-3:30pm 


Membership to our clients-only Facebook group with access to your puppy's class videos and a library of training resources


Puppy Socialization checklist and resources


Unlimited phone and email support 


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