Frequently asked questions

What technology do I need for Virtual Training?

We use zoom for our Virtual Private Sessions, and you'll be sent a link for your trainer prior to your session.

What supplies do I need to train at home?

For successful training sessions, please have the following available: - A good supply (2-3 cups) of small, soft, tasty treats that your dog LOVES, such as chicken, cheese, hot dogs, etc. - A leash and regular collar or harness (yes, we do use them inside!) - A towel, mat, or rug for your dog to lay on - Water available

Don't you need to meet my dog in person?

We don't need to meet your dog in order for training to be effective and efficient! Because our primary goal for the training is to help you teach your dog the skills they need to succeed, virtual training is a perfect option to meet your needs while remaining safe and convenient.

Can more than one dog attend the training?

You may work with multiple dogs in your appointments as long as the dogs are all participating in the training. Our appointments are time-based, so we can give attention to more than one dog's training needs as long as it is done within the timeframe of your session. In some cases, we may request that you provide one handler per dog.

I am court-ordered to get dog training, can you provide me with the appropriate training?

We can absolutely help with court-ordered training and provide attestation when you complete your training program. We do not provide written guarantees, evaluations, or predictive statements about your dog's future behavior.



Virtual Private Training Program​​​s  ​

Our virtual private training programs are custom-designed for your specific behavior issues. Meet with a Certified Trainer from the comfort and safety of your own home, while getting the support you need to reach your training goals.

Each program includes

  • Initial Consultation plus four 45-minute private sessions

  • Membership to our clients-only Facebook group with access to training videos and a library of resources

  • Handouts outlining the training concepts and skills covered 

  • Unlimited between-session email support 

Puppy Skills

Start your puppy off right! This program covers housetraining, socialization, crate training, nipping, chewing, and basic skills. You'll be well on your way to helping your puppy become a well-behaved, well-adjusted adult. This program will be most beneficial for puppies up to six months.

Leash Reactivity

Better walks are ahead! This program is designed for dogs who bark, lunge, and generally lose their minds when they see other dogs while on leash. Whether your dog dislikes other dogs or just gets too excited, this program will help you learn the management, training, and behavior modification exercises to make your walks enjoyable again.

Stranger Danger

This program is designed for dogs who are worried about people. If your dog avoids people or growls, snaps, or bites unfamiliar people, we can help you teach them the skills to behave appropriately instead - and reduce both your and your dog's stress.

Custom Program

If you're experiencing behavior or training issues that don't fit into one of our other programs, this is for you! Your trainer will discuss your concerns in your Initial Consultation and design a custom plan for your sessions. You will have the option to add additional sessions to meet your needs.

Phone Consultations

 Our phone consults are an easy way to get quick help for behavior issues, concerns, or questions. Schedule within a day or two and rest easy knowing a Certified Trainer will support you with management and training strategies you can implement right away.

We provide a follow-up email with handouts and other resources to keep you on track.

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